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Do purely academic works on Anatomy and Physiology leave you cold? Have you felt there is more to the human body than its physical properties? Do you have a distaste for the mainstream thinking on the nature of medicine and healing? Have you ever wanted to read an anatomy and physiology text which includes an Alternative presentation and take on the subject? In Holistic Anatomy for Healers, Heretics and Alternative Folk the subject of anatomy and physiology is presented in an informal, approachable, and easy to read manner, with a unique take on life as it is lived in our strange western world.

Holistic Anatomy for Healers, Heretics and Alternative Folk is the perfect anatomy and physiology book for holistic therapists and for students of holistic, complementary or alternative therapies, who want a truly holistic anatomy book. It is great for healers who are looking for an anatomy and physiology book which understands energy and spiritual systems, and for anybody who wants to learn about the human body in a holistic or alternative way. The book contains 298 pages, including a 7 page bibliography/list of sources and an 11 page comprehensive index. It has 85 illustrations, of which 3 are photographs and 82 are beautiful, simple line drawings.

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New edition of 'Holistic Anatomy' out by North Atlantic Books